Nick has been exploring the visual arts for most of his life. Primarily an abstract painter, he has a deep connection with his art, as it is a reflection of his inner state and an extension of his passion for music.

Having grown up with synesthesia, which is the ability to combine and cross senses when reacting to sensory stimulation, Nick literally can see sound and hear color. Because of this ability, Nick’s creative output merges the intersection of music and visual art into expressive, energetic, vibrant works that bend and break the parameters of genre, technique and composition. 

Six years ago, Nick combined his passions for music and art by painting his drum set, which has become a signature statement of his.

Nick has had great success doing commissioned work in and outside the U.S. and is planning a solo art exhibition at a DC or Maryland art gallery soon.

RECENT WORKS, 2014-2019

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